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What should I bring?

  • Government-Issued Photo ID

  • Social Security card for everyone on your return

  • Birth date(s) for everyone on your return

  • Proof of residency for your dependents who lived with you.

  • Last year’s tax returns

  • Routing and account number for  your bank accounts if  you would like your refund direct deposited or  your balance due to come out of your bank account

Property Tax Refund


▪ Renters: Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP)  from your landlord

▪ Homeowners: Statement of Property Tax 

Payable mailed by the county in March


▪ Mobile Homeowners: Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) from your 

landlord and the Statement of Property 

Tax Payable mailed by the county in March

▪ Other non-taxable income: See List



▪ Wages from each job (Form W-2)

▪ Interest (Form 1099-INT)


▪ Dividends (Form 1099-DIV)

▪ Sale of stock (Form 1099-B)

▪ Sale of home(Form 1099-S)


▪ Retirement Plan (Form 1099-R)


▪ Gambling Winnings (Form W-2G)


▪ Unemployment (Form 1099-G)


▪ Social Security Benefits (Form SSA)


▪ Miscellaneous income

(Form 1099-MISC)



Supplemental Security Income (SSI)


Minnesota Family Investment Program 



Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA)


General Assistance (GA)


Veterans benefits


Workers’ compensation


• Tuition expenses you paid to attend a 

university, college, or technical college 

(Form 1098-T)


• Interest statements for student loans 

(Form 1098-E)


• IRA contributions


• Records of any itemized expenses you 

may wish to deduct. 

This includes:

▪ Out-of pocket medical expenses ▪ Charitable donations ▪ Vehicle license tabs

▪ Property taxes paid ▪ Mortgage interest paid 

(Form 1098)


• Daycare expenses. 

For each provider you paid, you must 

provide the name, address, amount paid, 

and Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number (EIN).


• Receipts for education expenses you 

paid for your children in grades K-12. 

This includes:

▪ Educational software ▪ Private school tuition

▪ Tutoring

▪ Academic books/materials ▪ Music lessons and music equipment 

purchases or rentals

▪ Tuition for academic 

summer camp

▪ Instructor fees for drivers 


▪ School supplies 

(pencils, notebooks, etc.)


• Business expenses 


• Health Coverage Statements 

(Forms 1095-A, B, or C) 


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