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Soft Notice

The IRS uses the Automated Underreporter (AUR) Soft Notice to encourage taxpayers to self-correct income reporting with minimal burden and resources. Notice CP 2057 is issued to certain taxpayers with apparent underreported income. The form informs the taxpayer that there appears to be a discrepancy with the income types listed but does not provide them with any type of calculations. It instructs the taxpayer to file a Form 1040X to correct their return if the information shown on the notice is correct. The IRS does not directly follow up these notices but taxpayers who repeat their behavior will be identified in the following tax year.

Examination by Mail

The taxpayer receives Notice CP 2000 from the IRS disclosing proposed changes. The taxpayer typically has 30 days to respond and has three options to the IRS proposals.

• To agree with all the proposals.

• To partially agree with the changes.

• To dispute all the changes proposed by the IRS.


The taxpayer is allowed to sign an authorization that enables another party to represent him or her in connection with the Notice CP 2000. The authorization is part of Notice CP 2000, and a separate power of attorney is not required.

Field Audit

The revenue agent will send a letter to the taxpayer requesting that the taxpayer phone the agent. At that time, the date, location, and agenda for the first meeting will be set. The taxpayer has the right to request that the examination take place at a reasonable time and place that is convenient for both the taxpayer and the IRS.

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